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  • Corrosion Resistant Advanced Composite

    Our patented, advanced technology vinylester-based composite is specifically designed to provide superior chemical resistance and mechanical durability, withstanding the extreme environment of a refinery tankhouse.

  • Monolithic Construction

    The UNICELL® is the only monolithically cast electrolytic cell with integral overflow/decant and inlet piping systems. Eliminating cold joints and seams from cell designs has reduced long-term maintenance costs.

  • Non-Conductive FRP Rebar Reinforcement

    Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Rebar provides structural protection against catastrophic failure to each UNICELL® without the possibility of creating short circuits.

  • Easy Installation

    Pre-cast piping connections ensure an effortless field hook-up, saves expensive labour and materials, eliminates unnecessary downtime, and thereby improves overall productivity.

  • Advanced Wall Construction

    CTI's advanced composite technology allows thinner UNICELL® wall designs that support electrodes and electrolyte with minimal deflection. Thinner wall designs allows a tankhouse to add additional cells of electrodes to increase production capacity.


  • Patented Integrally Cast Piping Systems

    CTI is the only electrolytic cell supplier to offer a variety of proven integrally cast piping systems. Pre-cast piping that is protected by CTI's advanced technical composite decreases initial installation expenses, costly production downtime and long-term maintenance costs.

  • Customised Inlet Designs

    CTI has inlet options for a variety of electrolyte flow patterns and fast fill capabilities. These precisely planned features provide better electrolyte flow control.

  • Overflow and Decant Designs

    All UNICELLs® contain a patented integrally cast overflow arrangement. Overflow designs are available that can allow decantation at a controlled level without disturbing slimes to aid in maintaining clarity of the electrolyte, reducing unnecessary slimes treatment.

  • Sloped UNICELL® Bottom Designs

    The slope of the UNICELL® floor is dependent on the needs of each individual tankhouse. CTI has numerous options that can increase tankhouse productivity and slimes recovery.