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CTI Launches New Website

Tuesday, 6 April 2010
To reflect the “new CTI” and to further emphasize the global nature of our business, CTI has recently launched our new website and livery.
The website has been designed to project a fresh image to represent the CTI of today, a far cry from the original CTI based in Green Bay Wisconsin, USA but still firmly connected to those roots.

CTI today is an exciting mixture of the old and the new.  Long term production facilities in Belgium and Australia have been augmented with a new facility opened during 2008 in  La Victoria, Mexico.  In recognition of China’s burgeoning economy and its insatiable appetite for electrolytic metals, CTI China will soon commence production at its purpose built facility located in Xinyi, Jiangsu Province.  And CTI’s South America base is being relocated from Brazil to Arequipa, Peru to service the projected growth in that region.  Allied to these fixed facilities and those of our licencees in Africa and India, CTI also has the flexibility and logistical know-how to produce at or near remote sites where the economics stack up.

Embodied in the tagline “Ingenuity, reliability, integrity”, the cornerstone of CTI’s on-going success is our well-known attitude towards customer service, giving the customer what he wants and when he wants it.  People continue to respect CTI’s face-to-face approach and know that our willingness to go the extra step means that issues are dealt with in a timely way.

So the change to our livery does not reflect wholesale change to our business.  Customers can be assured that our experienced owners and staff will continue the tradition of excellence that is CTI.