• Corguard
  • Anodes
  • Bus Bars
  • Cell Top Furniture
  • Polymer Concrete Pump Bases
  • Sectional Tanks
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CTI not only manufactures and supplies UNICELLs, we can install them as well whether on Greenfield sites, or replacing old cells in existing refineries. Our expertise covers the entire project requirement:

  • Detailed project planning including development of work plans, safety plans, work schedules and the like, from power down to power up
  • Demolition of existing cell assembly including removal of liners, pipework and all other connected equipment
  • Rehabilitation of existing support structures
  • Erection of UNICELLs including placement and levelling
  • Supply and connection of piping systems, pipe hangers etc
  • Re-fitting walkways
  • Testing and re-commissioning of cell arrangement