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Protecting your floors against corrosive spills has never been easier

CTI Corguard flooring systems are designed for each individual project by expert personnel, making CTI custom system designs and workmanship the industry standards of today. Your proposed surface is analyzed to establish specific product and installation requirements: The result is the formulation of the finest possible corrosion protection system for your industrial needs.

Corguard Flooring Systems 8000 and 9000 are modified polyester/vinylester systems applied in multiple, aggregate-filled layers. Their seamless installation is nonporous giving Corguard Flooring Systems 8000 and 9000 maximum resistance to corrosive spills while being virtually maintenance-free.

Corguard Flooring System 8000 and Corguard Flooring System 9000 are formulated utilizing the most advanced resin chemistry available. Each system provides complete protection against chemical attack and abrasive wear under extreme temperature conditions. Custom-applied topcoat for desired degrees of nonskid and variety of colors make Corguard Flooring Systems 8000 and 9000 attractive, versatile performers in:

  • Food Processing Areas
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Plants
  • General Industry
  • Ore Processing Plants
  • High Tech Plants
  • Tankhouse Basements
  • Pulp Mills

Installation over concrete, wood or metal is simple with premeasured, prepackaged kits and step-by-step instructions. Complete installation is possible by your personnel,with a CTI field supervisor, or by a skilled CTI installation team.

Total preparation, including mechanical blasting or acid etching, provides a substrate that is completely receptive to the superior bonding strength of CTI's exclusive Polybond Primer. Polybond Primer maximizes adhesion, eliminates moisture and bridges cracks in the substrate. Saw cutting and keying lock in the system adjacent to doorways, drains, walls and other problem spots.

This year we will inspect over a million square feet of flooring failures and recommend a custom-desioned solution for each failure.

CTI strives for complete customer satisfaction when developing and installing custom system designs. Just ask any of our valued Fortune 500 customers. Quality products and customer service have made CORRUSION TECHNOLOGY INC. an industry leader, worldwide.

CTI backs its products and services with long-term warranties and will replace any quantity of flooring proven defectrve in manufacture or installation.